LiftUP is an Upper Peninsula private-public cooperative whose purpose is to improve the lives of employees through on-site support and training.

The LiftUP team works with Upper Peninsula employers to provide:
  • On-site support & training
  • Personalized assistance and guidance
  • Help making connections to the best local resources available


LiftUP can connect him to day care options so he doesn’t have to miss work.


LiftUP can help her locate transportation assistance if her car breaks down. She won't stress out about getting to work.


LiftUP can connect him to at-home care alternatives for his dad so he can keep working full shifts.


LiftUP can put her in touch with assistance programs for housing related emergencies. She can find ways to help manage the chaos.


LiftUP can help him better manage his time and money. He can keep his life in balance and excel on the job.


LiftUP is dedicated to the U.P., but brings years of successful results for employees from across the State of Michigan.